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Health And Well-Being Awareness Aug 19′

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Health And Well-Being Awareness Aug 19′

Glory and honour to the Almighty God for the impact and success of the first of its kind Health and wellbeing awareness community project 2019. Also, we appreciate the church authority (BOT) and the NATIONAL CDC for the privilege and support given to us (CDC LIVERPOOL) in executing this impactful event.

We appreciate God for the impact of this event on the lives of all beneficiaries.

Participants were appreciative and glad they attended, while some of the participants were requesting more of such health awareness event and asking when the next one will take place. Other local churches in our community that attended the event were blessed and suggested that when next such event is organised, we should endeavour to invite their church, so that their members can also come and benefit from the event.

The chairman of the commonwealth organisation Liverpool branch was in attendance, the mayor of Liverpool was also invited but could not make it due to official duties but promised to attend any future event.  (Please find attached images from the event for your perusal).

The Health and Wellbeing awareness event was organised and executed with the help of other members of the church from various department as volunteers and CDC Liverpool committee members totalling 45-50 people exceeding the anticipated volunteers due to demands. The event was planned and executed within 2 to 3 weeks, which includes procurement of items needed for the success of the event.

The proposed number of beneficiaries for the event was 120, but this was superseded, on the day of the event, which we had up to 150 to 200 people in attendance. Participants were from members of the community, both our church members and other local churches. During and after the health talks participants went further in engaging officials from prostate, diabetes uk and health professionals on cardiovascular diseases for further knowledge and information’s regarding the diseases.

The free Blood pressure check carried out on the day of event also attracted 40 beneficiaries and they were referred to their local GPs.

The sum of £4304.75 was requested and approved by church authority for the health and wellbeing awareness community project 2019.

The total amount spent was £4018.25 with a balance of £286.50 which will be remitted back to the appropriate church account by the finance officer, all receipt and invoices has been submitted for account purposes.

We the committee members of CDC Liverpool appraised the impact and success of the event and came up with the following points below for a better and more impactful future event.

  • Early publicity (This will help create more awareness of the event and increase the number of participants for future events).
  • Provide a visual equipment to enhance participation. (This will help visual understanding of the participants and help paint image of the importance health).
  • Make it an Indoor event rather than outdoor to also help reduce distractions and increase focus and participation from audience.
  • More time allocations for each health talk to be delivered. This will give more time to the speaker in giving more details of how to identify, what to do and how to maintain good health.
  • More time in planning (early planning and submission of project) for release of fund towards procurement of items needed on time for the event.
  • Introducing more health programmes to make it a more impactful day. E.g (Inviting a Food nutritionist and organising health activities for the day).


We once again give glory to God and appreciate church authority for their support and quick response towards the success of Health and wellbeing awareness project 2019 and we believe the next edition will be greater in impact and success.

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